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The 8 best reads for March

Bringing the best books to you brings us just as much joy as the books bring to you!

So, here are March’s best reads from Enchantico. We’ve figured out the 8 best reads across four different age groups which we could call the March Must haves

Here are the two books we selected for our funny fivers and swaggy six year olds.


The Liszts Kyo Maclear - Julia Sarda


Our first book for the tiniest of tots from our Enchantico family is The Listz. We’ve tried to help the tots get more organized by bringing to you, an adorable family we know. The Lisztz, who make lists all the time, have lists for every month of the year but they don’t have a list for Sunday. They even have a list of lists that they have to make! Phew! It’s so tough to keep up with such an organized family.But what happens when an unknown visitor just drops by.

What we love:
The Listz is a funny book about a serious topic which is getting organized. What could happen with bad organization is the rib tickling comedy.

What kids will love:
Kyo Maclear’s insanely imaginative stories and of Júlia Sardà’s lively illustrations.

The Last bargain – Samita Aiyer

The second book teaches the kids the importance of paying just the perfect price. Choohe Ram is a vehement vermin always scrambling for a bargain. His bargaining tactics end up setting off a chain of events which end up in him getting the biggest bargain of his life. But what will he have to give in return for such a huge bargain!?

What we love:
We absolutely fell in love with a feisty little mouse who doesn’t want to part with his frugal ways! It could be a good teaching moment to show the kids how much is too much!?

What kids will love:
They will see a lot of themselves in Choohey Ram who constantly bargains for EVERY! DANG! THING! On this planet whether it is bed time or the number of cookies or the amount of broccoli on their plate!

Coming to the next sassy seven year olds and the ever exhilarated eight year olds, we’ve brought to you two absolutely fun books.

Trouble Next Door – Chris Higgins

There definitely is Trouble Next Door with Bella and Magda who become good friends after Bella moves next door to Magda. But, are they real friends or are they frenemies !? After one day of their friendship, Magda has managed to literally burn Bella’s house down and of course, she’s managed to break Bella’s mom’s fav tea set ! Good Lord ! Who’s going to save Bella from the Momster!

What we love :
We find Bella absolutely hilarious. She works so hard to be friends with Magda but the poor thing fails miserably.

What kids will love :
Apart from getting some ideas from Bella on “HOW TO HANDLE CERAMIC EMERGENCIES AND DELICATE FRIENDSHPS” they will also enjoy the very real, very ridiculous events that occur in their own budding friendships

Septopus -Trouble On The High Cs – Jyotin Goel

Moving on to a special bond of friendship between a Septopus and his friends. Yes, Rot8 is a Septopus. He’s actually an octopus but he has one tentacle less. He’s the star of the Octestra which is the Octopus Orchestra that’s world famous in Sea world. But what happens when the Octestra is kidnapped just in time before their next performance? Will Septopus save his friends? Who is the culprit behind the master plan!?

What we love :
We love that Rot8 has been accepted as a Septopus. He faces challenges on a day to day basis because he’s not “perfect” but we think, he’s his type of “perfect”

What kids will love :
We think Rot8 will inspire the kids to be their kind of ‘perfect’ instead of conforming to another’s idea of what is perfect for them! They will learn that they are unique in their own stead!

With the Naughty Niners and the Tenacious Tens, we have so much adventure in store! Our favourite books become our favourites because they take us down memory lane. They generate nostalgia from the time when adventure used to be the only priority on our list. Both our books in this age group are adventurous alright.

Ms Rapscott’s Girls – Elise Primavera

Our first book is Ms Rapscott’s Girls. Doesn’t that give you a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart? A story about a wonderful woman who takes children under her wing and teaches them how they can survive the big bad world outside… Well, throw that feeling right out the window coz that aint happenin’ here. Ms. Rapscott is a crazy lady who takes the kids on mad adventures and enjoys blowing tiny little minds into a million pieces with amazement. Flying fish, talking crows and diving mice. What they will see and narrate, they themselves don’t know!

What we love :
Being a guardian isn’t always just a boring responsibility. It’s an opportunity to expose kids to these mad occurrences across the world and watch them stare in awe. We approve!

What kids will love :
The sheer sense of adventure! And Elise Primavera does paint some brilliant pictures with her words!

The A-Z Djinn Detective Agency – Parinita Shetty

Our second book is no less adventure filled. The A to Z Djinn Detective Agency will solve any case you throw at them albeit not without a lot of struggle. But one day, everything changes. The agency becomes very successful and suddenly people are lining up to give them cases! How did that happen!? Is this magic in plain sight? Is there a supernatural twist to it!? How? Why? When? Muhahhahahahahahhahaha !

What we love :
We love that there’s a mystery in the mysteries !

What kids will love :
Kids will love the revelation in the end of the book. What is it? They’ll have to read the book to find out wont they!?

And finally to the most mature of our audiences. The enlightened Eleveners and Trendy twelvers ! Some of the finest books from our list are for the 11 and 12 year olds. Because they’re the oldest and the most mature of the readers. It allows the writer to make the books and characters greyer, rather than just black or white. The kids stand a better chance to understand the softer sides to a person’s story. They understand the deeper reasons behind why some decisions are taken.

The Odds Of Getting Even – Sheila Turnage

In keeping with the maturity our 11 to 12 year old readers can display, the first book they we bring to them is The Odds of Getting Even. A story about two friends who start a detective agency and end up unearthing some secrets that could be very disturbing for one of them. When Mo and Dale find out that Dale’s dad has been instrumental in conducting a crime, in fact the same one that Mo and Dale have been assigned to solve, it means mayhem for their friendship.

What we love :
Sheila Turnage portrays Mo and Dale’s ethical dilemma with great ease and finally the story does reach a very interesting turn.

What kids will love :
Both Mo and Dale have been friends through thick and thin. Will their friendship survive this too? They will make them question basics and then finally find reassurance in their own friendships.

Radio Boy – Christian O’connell

And our last book is Radio Boy. Another book from Christian O’Connell that outlines the difficulties that one faces while following their dreams. Adrian Mole has to sacrifice a lot to become Spike, the Radio boy which is the ultimate dream for the Radio addict. But what happens when that dream is in danger? Who will help him? Will he be able to save his childhood dream?

What we love :
We love the idea of an undercover Radio Boy whose identity is secret. We love that Adrian Mole struggles so hard to become and stay Spike, the Radio Jockey.

What kids will love :
There’s danger at every turn. Adrian must keep a secret all the time. Will he accidently spill the beans? That’s where the fun begins!

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  • Is it me, or does Thorn Abbey sound nearly identical to New Girl by Paige Harbison? It must be a retelling of Rebecca too right? Unreucrrdent sounds amazing, I'm dying for that one Natalia! Plus, love at that cover. Love:)


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