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We are passionate about books. From writing best-selling books to marketing them and creating literature festivals, we have done it all. And we have realized that in a world where book stores are shrinking, the best way to connect readers to their books is by bringing books to the readers rather than the other way round. So Ravi Subramanian, one of India’s best selling thriller authors got together with Sangram Surve and Shalini Bajaj, the marketing brains behind a large number of best selling authors in the country to create Enchantico - a book box only for kids. And our interest is not just in bringing books to your children but taking your children into the captivating world of books and authors. Our mission is to bring back and celebrate the love of reading.


We’ve often heard of the term - Readers will be leaders. And the best time to bring this adage to life is childhood. In an age, when screens rule our life, books bring the dimension of depth much needed for them. Books are about imagination, discovery, knowledge and depth. They introduce kids to characters, help discover places, worlds, perspectives, take them on fantasy rides, imaginative journeys and transform them in ways few sources can. Most parents don’t need to be convinced, that books are great for their kids. The problem for them however is a problem of plenty and also scarcity. There are just too many books to be selected from. And not enough knowledge about where to find them. With shrinking retail spaces being given to books, the new ones just don’t get discovered beyond the immediate area they get released in. And then what about the international ones? You don’t get to see those as easily either, as they don’t make it to the Indian Shores. Where should the newer publishing houses go to make their books known to kids and parents? More often than not, you as a parent pick up books that you notice on the front of the rack or just pick up the most popular one. And the rest just stay undiscovered. Enchantico aims to resolve this discoverability issue.



Ravi Subramanian

- Co- Founder and Chief Advisor

Ravi Subramanian India's numero uno thriller writer and an award winning author of eight bestselling books, alumnus of IIM Bangalore, Ravi is also a financial services professional. As a co-founder and advisor to Enchantico, Ravi believes that Children need to explore more, to discover the hidden joys of reading and have fun while reading. These are also some of the beliefs the entire team of Enchantico has embraced.


Sangram Surve

- Co-Founder and Chief Contagion Agent

Sangram has spent 15 plus years as an entrepreneur. His entrepreneurial journey spans across training, advertising, events, Film Production and now Children’s publishing. Over 15 years of running Think WhyNot, he has worked for over 50 brands – small and large and led many clutter-breaking campaigns. Think WhyNot’s work has produced several intellectual properties including a TV Show, A Music Album and a Literature Festival – Litomania. One of the most exciting journeys of Think WhyNot was the work done in Publishing. Sangram has been the spearhead behind the marketing campaigns of most of the top authors in the country. As a co-founder of Enchantico, he dons the hat of the Chief Contagion Agent, since that’s what he has done best for most authors – spread the contagion of great literature.


Shalini Bajaj

- Co - Founder and Chief Delight Officer

In a career that spans over a decade, Shalini's 8 years as a strategic planner in Think WhyNot on brands like P  & G, Welingkar, Cox and Kings, took an interesting turn when Think WhyNot launched its publishing division. In all of her years at TYN, she earned the reputation of pursuing exceptional standards in client and creative experience. Being an integral part of TYN's marketing campaigns for several bestsellers introduced her to the ever evolving publishing business. She was a core member of the team that organized and conceptualized Litomania –India’s first Litfest focused on popular literature. When the team behind Litomania conceptualized Enchantico – the choice behind who would be the Chief Delight Officer was obvious. Apart from being a co-founder, Shalini is in charge of wowing children with what goes inside the box. She works with our curators, publishers, game designers, activity designers and the creative team at Think WhyNot to handcraft everything that makes the cut for the box. So if the box enchants, you know who to thank !


Lubaina Bandukwala

- Literature Curator

Children’s Writer, Editor and Curator of Children’s Literature Festivals Former journalist Lubaina Bandukwala turned into a children’s writer (books published by Pratham, Scholastic, FunokPlease) and editor (TOI, DNA, Scholastic India) for a simple reason. Now she can read as many children’s books as she likes and call it grown-up work! And because guilty pleasures must be shared, she also curates children’s literature sessions at the prestigious Kala Ghoda Arts Festival in Mumbai and has founded her own Children’s Literature Festivals - Peek A Book and Fully Booked (with First Mum’s Club and Kids Club). This so that children and parents can explore the fabulous world of children’s books, especially those produced by Indian publishers – and discover the joys of reading.

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