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Your five or six year old is about to embark on a great adventure. For at this age, sounds have become words and words have become objects, and the stage is set for a blossoming of language development like never before. This journey now needs to be fueled by more words, words that fly on the wings of a story, words that shape a character they will love. All the words in the world contained within the pages of a book. Give your child that most delightful picture book, that utterly gripping early chapter book, and not only have you added to a storehouse of vocabulary and expression but opened up a window of imagination. Do you have all that you need to fuel this trajectory? Get it all in an Enchantico box. Fledgling reader will get his or her very own Enchantico box. That mysterious package holds not just two carefully selected age-appropriate books by some of the best children’s authors, but also surprise gifts to stimulate your child’s creativity and engage him or her with reading in general. The Enchantico box with books for 5-6 year olds will provide hours of learning fun for your child. And as a parent you get a pre-selected lot of books to read aloud and spend hours of “us” time with your child.


Enchantico’s team sifts through dozens of the latest books to pick out the most unusual International and Indian children’s books. We look for books that are fun to read aloud, that make clever use of language and are visual treats. Join your child on this adventure exploring the most wonderful stories and a wide range of authors writing for children.


The box has collectibles and an activity that every child will cherish - simple enough to build confidence but unique and challenging enough to keep them engaged. The gifts are thoughtful, useful and bring the books alive in a way that their stories stay with the child for many years to come.


Your 7-8 year old is a hungry book monster. Kids this age will love to flex their language muscles and venture into more challenging reading environments. ‘Look ma! I read a book of 100 pages!’ ‘ Dad, see 6 chapters! My book is as big as yours!’. We bet you’ll hear that kind of thing a lot. The joy of finding that they can read so much will mean that sometimes they will zip through the pages, not necessarily having understood all of it. Not to worry, it’s all part of the journey. They will pick words that fascinate them and file them away for future use. They will travel though the realms of different genres and find that they like some more than others. And they will love showing off their new language skills. What does the Enchantico box offer your 7-8 year old?


Two books from some of the best children’s writers, Indian and International that are graded appropriately for independent reading. We say the best because exposure at this age to top-notch language will make them discerning readers all the way into the future. Books for 7-8 year olds will also come from a wide pool of genres so that your young adventurer can get a taste of different kinds of books and learn to use words in different contexts.


Aha! Even more adventures to be had here! We’re oh-so-cool at this age, so the surprise in the merchandise and the activity will feed the love of stories even as they encourage your child to take more out of the book experience.


Age 9 but going on 90! Our clever youngster is well on her way to be a reader and how. She knows what she likes and what she doesn’t. He needs more complex plots and more rounded characters, and boy is he on a roll on the language front. And that also means, they are harder to please! Do you have a plan to satiate your picky reader? We do & hence we have the enchanting collection of books for 9-10 year olds.


The best writers, from top publishers of course. That’s a given. But we understand that reading is not just a great deal of joy at this point but also understanding different texts. Critical reading comprehension developed at this stage will help the child across the board not just in languages but also in subjects. So the books we hand-pick will give your child gripping stories but interesting treatments so that they think as they read.


This thinker also loves to stand out in a crowd and the surprise gifts and activities in the box will make him/her seem one-of-a-kind. The gifts will also connect them with the world of the books they love so much. The activity will enable independent thinking and creativity.


In middle school now, your 11-12 year old is now acquiring a passion for his/her favourite books. She’s reading about her favourite authors and is forming little fan clubs. He draws more words and ideas from his books and those find their way into essays and language. Rope them into the world of books at this age and they will be following the books they love as avidly as Masterchef or any other TV show. The choices of books for 11-12 year olds at this age are vast, as bewildering. Not to worry, the Enchantico box has done your work for you.


We go through lists and lists of books to find award-winning and popular contemporary books that your kids will relate to and read about – this will be in their box ahead of time. Books with strong appealing stories, issues that they relate to, emotions that they experience or identify with and more evolved layered use of language.


Your 11 year old is more than ready to jump into the world of a much-loved book and the activities will nudge them in the right direction. The completed activities will be truly show worthy. In addition the Enchantico box will contain for them collectibles that will encourage them to continue their reading adventures.

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