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30 Apr, 2018 .10 Mins

The 10 best reads for the month of April

Our children have energy that can take them to sun and back and they wouldn’t mind going for one more trek after that. We must respect this energy they have by diverting it into building their interests. Reading builds their mental ability that re-routs their energy to erecting castles, climbing m Read more...



30 Mar, 2018 .10 Mins

The 8 best reads for the month of March

Books can mould us into wondrous things. These magical portals have the power to transform us into people who we think we were never capable of being. Whether you read for relaxation, inspiration, or pure escapism, the truth is that reading changes you for the bett Read more...



16 Mar, 2018 .10 mins

Encouraging children to develop good reading habits

Foster your child’s love for learning by teaching them how to appreciate fiction. And if they aren’t ready to recognize the written word - they can still improve their language and communication capabilities while they listen to book read out Read more...



28 Feb, 2018 .10 mins

9 best reads for the month of February

Being a kid is not a child’s play. Being able to manage everything, including school, sports, and other adventures much like Impy, can be quite a challenge. Wouldn’t it be awesome if kids had super powers or even if they could stir up a magic potion ? Well, the bo Read more...



10 Feb, 2018 .10 mins


If you are looking for a creative as well as challenging activity for your kid, then look no further. Story writing is the perfect fit!

Planning and writing a story can help children learn how to align their thoughts to a single idea and then see that idea reach fruition. Plus, it betters Read more...


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