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  Vaishnavi Venkatraman

30 Mar, 2017 .10 mins

The Best Subscription Boxes In The Market To Keep Your Kids Entertained This Summer!

The summer holidays are around the corner and we are sure you are figuring out ways to keep your little one engaged. While there is n Read more...



29 Mar, 2017 .7 mins

The 8 best reads for March

Bringing the best books to you brings us just as much joy as the books bring to you!

So, here are March’s best reads from


  Ekta Chawla

27 Mar, 2017 .10 mins

How Enchantico Aims To Groom Kids Through A Reading Revolution

(Originally appeared as a review on Confused Parent by Ekta Chawla)

In today’s fast paced world, technology & gadgets w Read more...


  by Ravi Subramanian

10 Mar, 2017 .7 mins

eBooks vs Paper books: An author’s perspective

The eBooks vs Paper books fight has been going on for some time now. Unfortunately, I fail to understand what the row is about! Read more...



09 Mar, 2017 .7 mins

The 10 must reads for February

Welcome to the 10 must reads for February, where we feature painstakingly curated literature for children across four different age Read more...


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