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19 Oct, 2016 .7 mins

13 popular job titles parents wear at ease

So we all went to college and got our degrees to prepare us for the various jobs we set our hearts at. We learnt skills that helped us Read more...


  Debangshu Kerr

21 Sep, 2016 .6 mins

8 books children should not miss this month

From astronomy in rhyme to fantasy to friendship and self discovery there are some books a child must read. S Read more...


  Debankshu Kerr

15 Sep, 2016 .10 min

10 Reasons Why You Should Read to Your Kids

Do you want your child to be an intelligent person? Go on; say it. We dare you. Tell us you don’t want an intelligent child. Which is p Read more...



15 Sep, 2016 .10 min

Blog 8 Reasons why reading is the best addiction your child could get

E-books vs real books. Many say the debate is on. Many claim there is no debate, real books win every time. And many couldn’t care a Read more...


  Sangram Surve

12 Aug, 2016 .5 min read

Why is reading better than anything else in the world?

If we enlist all the reasons how reading trumps doing anything else, it’ll probably take an entire life time. So, we’ll save you the t Read more...


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