Greetings from Enchantico!

Greetings from Enchantico!

At Enchantico, we always question, "What else can we do ?"

After the roaring success of the Enchantico lit pop 1.0, we are back with a bang !

The 2nd Enchantico Lit pop is here! This time we have 4 hours of even more fun-filled, entertaining workshops in store. 

Kids between the age group of 5 and 12 can join in.  Enjoy the creatively designed workshops that are equally enjoyable for parent and child ! 


Magic performances, Author interactions with the best of the best, Workshops and so much more!

And we'd love to have you there!

Because magic is about seeing things you believed were not possible.

Talk about exciting workshops or super awesome performances; they literally bring magic to their events! Every interaction with them is more breath-taking than the last. Everyday items like playing cards, coins, sponge balls, rubber bands, rings and even headphones become magical in their hands as they bring their internationally acclaimed magic to the Enchantico! Get ready to be mesmerized with mind-boggling magic by Urban Shamans.

And then there were stories from across the world!

Enjoy Indian folk-tales, stories from Indian Mythology, folk-tales from around the world and true-life incidents from renowned storyteller, Usha Venkatraman's repertoire! With a background in education and her passion for puppetry Usha brings life to her storytelling performances. Her lively and dramatic storytelling performances keep people of all ages spellbound. She is a member of the International Storytelling Network and has performed at various educational organisations. Usha has a tale for all seasons, enjoy her monsoon narratives and get to experience her magic in person!

Plot out a comic all by yourself!


Join in for a fantastic comic drawing workshop with Lavanya Karthik, author extraordinaire, to unleash the comical genius in you! Lavanya, the author of Ninja Nani and the illustrator for a multitude of books, has an exhilarating session in store for you! Whether it is writing a story or illustrating that interests you, there is something in it for everyone. In an hour long workshop, Lavanya takes the participants through a journey of characters, detailing every bit of the creation process You never know, you might just discover a hidden talent in yourself.

To attend our Enchantico Lit Pop 2.0, Call Us on 75065 84454

Book your seats now for a fun filled Sunday morning with your child!

DATE: 1st July 2018

Time: Event starts at 9.30 AM


SNDT Women's University,
Juhu Rd, Daulat Nagar, Santacruz West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049