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Can I gift a subscription?

Books and reading define culture and balance in every human being. Enchantico boxes can double up as wonderful gifts, which will be loved by all. They retain the freshness and contemporary appeal for a long time as the books and merchandise in it are new and recently released. Enchantico Boxes make for great and meaningful return gifts at birthday parties and any other event for the younger generation. Bulk order for gifts (in excess of 50 boxes) can also be customized to include material of your choice. All our trial and gift boxes are non-refundable.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

We value the relationship and hope that you never have to cancel your subscription. However if you do choose to cancel your subscription with us, we will make sure that the experience is fairly simple. Please mail us your request for cancellation along with the reason for the same at at least three weeks before the dispatch of the next box is due. We will cancel your subscription and refund the amount due to you. The amount due in case of a cancellation will be calculated as the difference between the amount paid by you when you subscribed for Enchantico box, less the number of months multiplied by the prevailing rate of a one month subscription when you bought your subscription. For example : Assuming you bought a 6 month subscription for Rs 1500 in June (for the period July - December) and the 1 month subscription in June was available for Rs. 350. If you cancel the subscription in August (after 2 boxes have been delivered), your amount due will be calculated as follows

Amount Paid for six month subscription 5500
No. of Boxes delivered 2
Cost of 2 boxes at a monthly subscription price prevailing in June (Rs 350 per box) = 2*1000 = 2000 2000
Amount due as refund = Rs 5500-2000 3500
The amount as per the calculation using the principle applied as above will be refunded to your account within 7 working days

I am an author. How can I offer my books to be included in this box?

Our exclusive panel curates all books. We make sure that all the books are age appropriate and of high quality. You are free to send a copy of the book to us at Inclusion of the book in the box will entirely depend on what our panel of curators feels about the book and its contents.

Is Enchantico delivered outside India?

As of now, Enchantico will be shipped only to addresses within India.

What are the delivery charges? Are there any hidden charges?

Delivery and shipping is subsidized by us and half the cost of delivery is included in your subscription that you pay. Our subscription price, as you see on our site, and as paid by you, is all-inclusive. There are no hidden or extra charges.

What if I already have the book that my Enchantico box contains?

We take special care to make sure that your monthly Enchantico box contains books released in the preceding 45 days. For example the box that will be dispatched on March 15th, will contain books released in the market only post Feb 1st of the same year. However, this will be done on a best effort basis. We would strongly recommend that if you have subscribed to Enchantico, please wait for the box before you shop for new books. In the eventuality of you already owning a copy of the book in the box, using one as a gift option is a wonderful thing to do.

When will I receive my Enchantico Box?

Enchantico boxes are carefully curated and put together by our own in-house team of passionate experts. We aim to send out the boxes between the 1st and 7th of every month. For regular subscriptions, you can expect delivery to happen within seven to ten working days. For past box orders post that, the boxes will be shipped within two working days. Please allow for five working days for delivery. In all cases, we will email you a day prior to shipping your box and immediately after shipping your box. Please note that for areas not serviced by our courier partners, the delivery time may be longer.

Will you be declaring the contents of the box in advance?

No. A Big NO. The element of surprise is a huge part of Enchantico. We will never announce what your box will contain in advance, before you receive it.

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