Refund Policy

We value the relationship and hope that you never have to cancel your subscription. However if you do choose to cancel your subscription with us, we will make sure that the experience is fairly simple. Please mail us your request for cancellation along with the reason for the same at info@enchantico.in at least three weeks before the dispatch of the next box is due. We will cancel your subscription and refund the amount due to you. The amount due in case of a cancellation will be calculated as the difference between the amount paid by you when you subscribed for Enchantico box, less the number of months multiplied by the prevailing rate of a one month subscription when you bought your subscription. For example : Assuming you bought a 6 month subscription for Rs 1500 in June (for the period July - December) and the 1 month subscription in June was available for Rs. 350. If you cancel the subscription in August (after 2 boxes have been delivered), your amount due will be calculated as follows

Amount Paid for six month subscription 5500
No. of Boxes delivered 2
Cost of 2 boxes at a monthly subscription price prevailing in June (Rs 350 per box) = 2*1000 = 2000 2000
Amount due as refund = Rs 5500-2000 3500

The amount as per the calculation using the principle applied as above will be refunded to your account within 7 working days

In the case of the purchase of a trial box, no refund will be provided due to dissatisfaction reasons.

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